Easy & Quick Stir Fry Recipes

I’ve recently become addicted to stir fry! These recipes are so easy to make and they’re delicious. You can make a large portion of stir fry and save it as left-overs. I was watching TV the other day and saw a commercial for boil-in-the-bag rice. The commercial gave a quick 30 second recipe for stir fry. You scramble eggs, boil the rice, chop up some red bell peppers and snow peas and mix the whole concoction together. Next you add soy sauce or some sort of sauce and Voila! You have a veggie stir fry. Here is a video for a vegetarian stir fry:

Now if you prefer a chicken stir fry, there are plenty of easy recipes out there. I cooked a great stir fry a few weeks ago. I prefer a chicken or beef stir fry myself, just make sure you cook the chicken or beef throughly.


Tips for Keeping your Kitchen Clean: Bacteria and Germs Beware!

I have blogged before about the importance of keeping your kitchen clean. When it comes to cleaning the counters and sink, I really love bleach spray. Clorox is my favorite brand, but any regular household cleaner (even a generic variety) works just as well. Check out these startling statistics, according to the Center for Disease Control:

1. Toilet bowl: 3.2 million bacteria/square inch
2. Kitchen drain: 567,845 bacteria/square inch
3. Sponge or counter-wiping cloth: 134,630 bacteria/square inch
4. Bathtub, near drain: 119,468 bacteria/square inch
5. Kitchen sink, near drain: 17,964 bacteria/square inch
6. Kitchen faucet handle: 13,227 bacteria/square inch
7. Bathroom faucet handle: 6,267 bacteria/square inch
8. Bathroom sink, near drain: 2,733 bacteria/square inch
9. Pet food dish, inside rim: 2,110 bacteria/square inch
10. Kitchen floor, in front of sink: 830 bacteria/square inch

The nastiest germs are spread around the kitchen by unclean sponges. If you’re going to use a sponge, you should replace it everyday or wash it well with hot water after using it. Make sure you let the sponge dry before using it again.

Easy, Affordable Mac and Cheese and Dessert Recipes

I definitely slacked a little this weekend when it came to preparing delicious, home-cooked meals. I was very busy so I didn’t have much time to come up with good recipes to share with you all. I ate a lot of mac and cheese and Ramen noodles (not very healthy). However, I thought that this week it might be fun to find an easy meal for mac and cheese. Baked mac and cheese sounds delicious to me! I might be in college, but I believe you’re never too old to enjoy a good mac and cheese recipe

My best friend’s birthday is next week and she has a huge sweet tooth. However, she is also trying to lose weight. So I want to make her lots of different, healthy desserts to try! I’m a great friend. She really loves fudge brownies and other chocolate desserts. I’ll leave her the healthy deserts and make this delicious cookie pizza for myself!

Rocky Road Cookie Pizza!

I included this video because this cookie pizza looks delicious! It seems easy to make too! All you really need is cookie dough, chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, peanuts, and caramel sauce. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth (I’d rather eat salty food all day long). However, when I do eat sweets I love chocolate! I am definitely making this cookie pizza this weekend.

Easy Chicken Dinner Recipes

I really like chicken! It is relatively inexpensive and healthy for you! As a college student, I want to eat healthy without spending a fortune. I like this video because it shows you many different ways to make delicious chicken dinners.

My Review of “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug

After reading Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug, I feel like I have a solid grasp on what makes a great website. Before reading the book, I navigated websites without thinking about the “behind the scenes” aspects. For example, I never thought about how difficult it is for web designers to come up with a creative, usable web page. I also never thought about website “conventions” and I took them for granted. In my opinion, web page design and accessibility are the most important factors for creating a great website.

Web page design is important for many reasons. For example, if I go to a website I want to be able to easily understand it. The page should have a good visual hierarchy. I think the title of the page should be in a large font with the subtitle in a smaller font, that way I can gauge my location in the website. I feel confident in my ability to find things on a page when the site has a good visual hierarchy. I also like when subtitles are nested within other titles. This makes it easy for me to understand which topics fall under a specific title.

As a frequent internet user, I like websites that are concise. I don’t want to read lots of text that isn’t very helpful. I am the kind of person who will spend time reading all of the text on a page because I don’t want to miss anything or get confused about how to use the website. However, my life is a lot easier when the web designer cuts out all needless information. While mostly I agree with Steve Krug’s assessment of web design, I do disagree with him on one point. Krug says “happy talk” must die. Happy talk is similar to small talk and it is used as a welcome mat for a website. I like happy talk because it’s a great way for me to get acquainted with a site; I don’t really see its presence as a waste of my time.

I also think it’s important for a web designer to make the page as user-friendly as possible. I believe that part of making a page user-friendly is designing it in such a way as to make it simple to use for those who have disabilities. Krug writes about this topic in chapter eleven where he mentions his three second accessibility test. The test consists of attempting to increase the type on a page, a fairly easy adjustment that would help many people with bad eyesight. However, Krug writes that most web pages fail this simple test. Designers should make sites accessible because so many people have disabilities.  For example, I have terrible eyesight and need to wear contacts. It would be beneficial to me as a user if I can increase the size of the text on a page, that way I won’t worry about straining my eyes.

Overall I think there are many different factors that go into making a website great. Design is very important because I have to be able to navigate the page in order to use it successfully. I also think accessibility is important because making a website accessible to those with disabilities will make their life very simple.

Keep your Kitchen Clean!

     One thing I’ve never been able to understand is how some people can leave their kitchen in a constant state of disarray. Why do the dishes need to be 6 or 7 deep in the sink before you wash them? It’s disgusting. Get in the habit of washing your dishes right after you use them, or better yet, put them in the dishwasher!

     Also, make sure that you scrub your sink and wipe down your counters before cooking. I prefer to use a Clorox bleach spray and paper towels, but you can use any type of cleaning supplies meant to kill germs. I NEVER use a sponge to clean counters. According to webMD, “Kitchen sponges are the No. 1 source of germs in the whole house. Why? The moist, micro-crevices that make a sponge such an effective cleaning device also make it a cozy home for germs and more difficult to disinfect. Wiping your counters or dishes with a dirty sponge will only transfer the bacteria from one item to another. ‘Wet your sponge and then pop it in the microwave for two minutes to eliminate the germs that lurk inside the crevices,’ says Neil Schachter, MD, medical director of respiratory care at Mount Sinai in New York City, and the author of The Good Doctor’s Guide to Colds and Flu.” I like his sponge tip, however I prefer to just use paper towels and eliminate the possibility of contaminating the counters with a dirty sponge.

Here is an example of what your workspace should look like before you start cooking: