Center for Media Innovation and Research

Life as a journalism student at the University of Florida is always full of adventures! My first experience with radio was in the original newsroom, before we had the amazing Center for Media Innovation and Research. The old newsroom, while functional, was less than stellar. The TV people were on the ground floor while the radio station was on the second floor. This setup worked for a while, but the addition of the 21st Century Newsroom greatly improved WUFT’s news producing capabilities. I love working in the Newsroom because all of the TV, radio, and web people are combined in one large room. This makes it very easy to discuss stories with the other facets of news production. For example, a TV reporter might be leaving to go out to interview someone for a story. Now that we are all in the newsroom, it is very easy for a radio reporter to tag along and also get the interview for the radio station. We were also able to put on a live show covering the 2012 Presidential Election. The Newsroom serves us as students, but it also serves our audience.

     As a telecommunications student at UF, I feel like I have lots of “real world” experience. I work for an entire day each week at the radio station producing long-form feature pieces. Many of my pieces have been featured on WUFT-FM’s website. I was also the producer of a sports show for the visually impaired each week for nearly two years. I have had access to great internships by being in the journalism and communications college. I worked for a semester at 97.3 WSKY as a production assistant and I was even able to speak on the radio on occasion. All of this experience has helped me learn what I love and hate about the radio/TV business. I wouldn’t be prepared to graduate without all of the experience I have now.

Yesterday I recorded a virtual tour of the newsroom:

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