My Biography

I’m currently a senior at the University of Florida studying Telecommunications. I was born and raised in Atlantic Beach, Florida. I attended Duncan U. Fletcher Senior High School and worked in TV production until I graduated in 2009. I am a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority and a member of the Florida Cicerones (the official ambassadors to the University of Florida). Most of my work has been with the radio and television stations located on UF’s campus. I am currently a reporter for Florida’s 89.1 WUFT-FM. I enjoy reporting for public radio because I like researching interesting stories and conducting interviews. In the spring of 2012, I worked at 97.3 The Sky on the Bob Rose Show. I gained valuable experience setting up interviews and operating the soundboard. 

Besides working for the radio and television station, I enjoy hanging out with my friends and watching movies. I’ve recently learned to love cooking, hence the reason behind this block. My favorite meal to cook is stir-fry.

About ssamuels830

Senior telecommunication student at the University of Florida

8 responses to “My Biography”

  1. bothaina0204 says :

    Hello Sarah!

    I definitely have to agree with your love of working in broadcasting; the University of Florida is doing a fantastic job of preparing us for the future. I also love that you’ve learned to love cooking. What sparked this interest? And are you willing to cook for the newsroom sometime? Lol

  2. ashleystout says :

    Hey Sarah!

    I totally agree with you regarding public radio. I remember getting to do such in depth stories at WUFT-FM. It was always challenging because you have to give the radio stories a good feel without video to back you up!

  3. mikesheadset says :

    Hey, Sarah! I can definitely relate, on the subject of public radio. It’s a very important service that I think many people take for granted, but I appreciate that you continue to work with Florida’s 89.1. I hope you continue to do more work with public radio since you enjoy it so much.

    PS – C-Luv!

  4. arellanoillustrating says :

    Hey Sarah, you sound like a very busy lady! Being in a sorority, cicerones, and also volunteering and interning must be a lot to handle sometimes. It is great that you are so driven and getting the most out of all your time.

  5. monicaberra says :

    Sarah, I am happy to see that you (and so many of our other classmates in this comment thread!) have a passion for public broadcasting. Not only has public radio/TV provided us with immense opportunities as students of journalism at UF, but it truly is a valuable service to the community, particularly, as you said, because of the in-depth stories we are able to produce. And I love that you find the time to cook in between all of your obligations and activities… way to go! I also try to find the time to cook as well… your recipes are easy and fun and I look forward to trying some of them out.

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