Tips for Keeping your Kitchen Clean: Bacteria and Germs Beware!

I have blogged before about the importance of keeping your kitchen clean. When it comes to cleaning the counters and sink, I really love bleach spray. Clorox is my favorite brand, but any regular household cleaner (even a generic variety) works just as well. Check out these startling statistics, according to the Center for Disease Control:

1. Toilet bowl: 3.2 million bacteria/square inch
2. Kitchen drain: 567,845 bacteria/square inch
3. Sponge or counter-wiping cloth: 134,630 bacteria/square inch
4. Bathtub, near drain: 119,468 bacteria/square inch
5. Kitchen sink, near drain: 17,964 bacteria/square inch
6. Kitchen faucet handle: 13,227 bacteria/square inch
7. Bathroom faucet handle: 6,267 bacteria/square inch
8. Bathroom sink, near drain: 2,733 bacteria/square inch
9. Pet food dish, inside rim: 2,110 bacteria/square inch
10. Kitchen floor, in front of sink: 830 bacteria/square inch

The nastiest germs are spread around the kitchen by unclean sponges. If you’re going to use a sponge, you should replace it everyday or wash it well with hot water after using it. Make sure you let the sponge dry before using it again.


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